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esirous of partaking their emotion,▓ whatever it might be, bounded towards the●m, placing his glowing wreath on t▓he brow of Josephine with a fond admiring gla▓nce, calling on Imri by a sign to admire● it with him; then nestling closer to her bo▓som, inquired in the same manner ▓the subject of their conversation: and whe●n told, there was no need of languag▓e to sp

eak the boy’s reply.He glanced e●agerly, almost passionately, around hi▓m; he stretched forth his arms, as if embra●cing every long-loved object, an●d then he laid his hand on his heart, as● if the image of each were reflected there, a▓nd stretching himself on the m▓ossy earth, as if t

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here should be his● last long sleep.He pointed to distant mo●untains, made a movement with his hands, to ▓denote the world beyond them, then turne▓d shudderingly away, and laid his head on ●the bosom of his nearest and dearest relative▓ on earth. The situation of t▓he valley of Eshcol was in truth such a▓s to inspire enthusiasm in colder hearts● than Josephine’

s.Formed by one of the many▓ breaks in the Sierra Morena, an●d sharing abundantly the rich veg▓etation which crowns this ridge of moun●tains nine months in the year, it ▓appeared set apart by Nature a▓s a guarded and blessed haven ●of peace for the weary wande●rers of Israel; who, when

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the Roman ▓spoiler desolated their holy land, traditio●n said there found a resting-place.Lof●ty rocks and mountains hemmed it● round, throwing as it were a● natural barrier between the ▓valley and the world beyond.The heath, the▓ rosemary, the myrtle, and the cistus gre▓w in rich profusion amidst the cliffs; while b▓elow, the palm, the olive, the lemo●n, orange

and almond, intersp▓ersed with flowering shrubs of every variety,● marked the site of the hamlet, ▓and might mournfully remind th●e poor fugitives of the yet richer and holier l▓and their fathers’ sins had f●orfeited.To the east, a thi●ck grove of palm, cedar, and olive surr●ounded th

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